Using the Alluna Finance calculator can be a great way for you to get the low down on what you can save by refinancing your home loan.

Learn how to use the calculator

Many people though are not sure exactly what they need to put into the calculator to get the answer they are after- now you can listen to the video tutorial on how the Alluna Refinance calculator works.

Rising Risks

Property owners need to be aware that mortgage interest rates can move higher even while the RBA leaves cash rates at the historically low 1.5%.  Rising U.S interest rates and global growth have raised the price at which Australian banks can access the money they use to fund their lending. Many people can currently fix their loan for lower rates than they are paying on a variable rate loan.

Property investors should particularly look at whether or not they can fix their loan now at a lower rate than the current variable investment rates. All the evidence points to investors being slugged with higher rates over the next few years as APRA and the RBA ask banks to balance their lending more in favour of owner-occupied lending.

With many lenders recently raising the variable rates they are charging to investors, now is a great time to look into refinancing your home or investment loans.

Alluna Finance specialises in helping clients identify and mitigate the risks of higher rates on their debt.





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