Indicative Home Loan Interest Rates – July 2018


The following indicative rates are available in the marketplace from one or more of the Alluna Finance lending panel.  To find the lowest rate that might be applicable to your situation, please fill in the contact form below and Todd will contact you within one business day.


Loan Type Interest Rate Type Repayment Type Best Rates * Comparison Rate **
Owner Occupied Variable rate P&I 3.59% 4.03%
  Interest Only 3.89% 4.27%
  3yr Fixed P&I 3.79% 4.66%
  Interest Only 3.99% 4.81%
  5yr Fixed P&I 3.98% 4.43%
Investment Variable rate P&I 3.89% 4.01%
  Interest Only 4.14% 4.52%
  3yr Fixed P&I 4.09% 4.57%
  Interest Only 4.19% 4.87%
  5yr Fixed P&I 4.49% 5.35%
Commercial Variable P&I 4.40% N/A
  3 Year Fixed P&I 4.40% N/A


Monthly Interest Rates Update – July 2018


*Rates are based on $500,000 full doc loan application with LVR less than 80%.  Rates are as at 4th June 2018

*Subject to lender approval

** A comparison rate is a method of standardising the true cost of a loan. It factors in the interest rate, fees and charges and displays a single percentage rate that can be used to compare various loans from different lenders. This calculation can help you see what the actual cost of a loan will be. The information provided is intended to provide illustrative examples based on $500,000 loan over a 25 year term. Calculations are meant as estimates only and it is advised that you consult with a mortgage broker about your specific circumstances.


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