Interest rates update for June 2018

Indicative Home Loan Interest Rates - June 2018     Loan Type Interest Rate Type Repayment Type Best Rates * Comparison Rate ** Owner Occupied Variable rate P&I 3.59% 3.72%   Interest Only 3.89% 4.18%   3yr Fixed P&I 3.79% 3.93%   Interest Only 3.99% 4.22% Investment Variable rate P&I 3.89% 4.00%   Interest Only 4.14% 4.42%   3yr Fixed P&I 4.09% 4.21%   Interest Only [...]

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First Home Owners Grant Changes Summary

Effective Saturday 1 July 2017 changes have been made to the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) in some states as follows. State Change More Information New South Wales The $10,000 FHOG cap for a New Home Purchase/Off the Plan purchase has decreased from $750,000 to $600,000. For a property where the FHO enters into a contract to build, or an owner builder, the total value cannot exceed $750,000. [...]

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Finding a home loan when you’re self-employed

Finding a home loan when you’re self-employed   There are many perks to working for yourself, but when it comes to applying for a home loan, it seems being your own boss sends up a red flag to banks and other lenders. Why? A salaried employee has a regular, steady income and is less likely to experience the cash flow volatility of a small business owner, [...]

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Why the Brouhaha about interest only loans?

Why the Brouhaha about interest only loans? The Media is currently running with the poorly researched idea that Interest only loans are looming as the reason why property is heading into bubble territory and potentially being a massive risk to the economy. The truth is that interest only loans are the loan of choice for investors. Any accountant will tell you that you should always pay [...]

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Using A Refinance Calculator

Using the Alluna Finance calculator can be a great way for you to get the low down on what you can save by refinancing your home loan. Learn how to use the calculator Many people though are not sure exactly what they need to put into the calculator to get the answer they are after- now you can listen to the video tutorial on how the [...]

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